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Can you fix your credit with an auto loan?

A: Yes! Installment loans like vehicles and homes are the best way to build your credit. Most often, lenders look at your current credit history more than your past. Problems in the past can be overcome with good and steady recent payment history. Let the finance team at Auto Loan Options simplify the process of […]

Car Financing for Bad Credit near Seattle

Auto Loan Options hopes that you find our website helpful to your used car search. Although auto dealerships near Seattle don’t stay open 24 hours a day, our website does. Here you can research the auto loan process, calculate monthly car payments, get valuable information on credit and credit repair, as well as apply for […]

Auto industry working to offer self-adjusting seats by 2015

Automakers and their key suppliers plan to offer self-adjusting seats in luxury vehicles by 2015. The seats will use cameras and pressure sensors to automatically fit the driver’s contours, according to Automotive News. Johnson Controls Inc. and Faurecia SA are developing the seats, which are likely to show up first in luxury vehicles – probably […]

Use our Car Payment Calculator

When building your credit with an auto loan it is important to know how much you can afford to pay monthly. The longer you finance a car, the money goes to the interest payment. The Auto Loan Options Car Payment Calculator will show you what is known as an “Amortization Schedule.” Essentially this calculator will […]

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After submitting your application our loan officers look at your application and your credit situation. After careful review of your application, it is sent to the appropriate lending institution/auto dealers for pre-approval. The process is fast and simple and takes all the guesswork out of your next auto loan. With Auto Loan Options there is […]